Hopkinton Roof Replacement


The Problem:

Upon detailed inspection from our consultant Xavier, the property showed signs of old age. The property owners desired to have a reputable company install a new roofing system that would last for a long time without headaches for leaks, ice dams, and misapplication errors.

The Meeting:

When our roof expert met with the property owners, they discussed the components of the roofing system and the importance of selecting a contractor that is reputable, and properly trained to deal with all of the complexity of the roof. The homeowners were also interested in going solar, but were concerned about how this could affect the integrity of the roofing system.

The Solution:

Our team actively listened to the homeowners concerns, and needs to make sure that our team was the perfect team to complete the project. We were able to demonstrate to the homeowners that our licenses were up to date, as well as our insurance certificates, and our certification as GAF Master Elite Contractors. Our team also offered a bundle deal with the GAF DecoTech System, which is essentially a solar integrated system with the roof. This new technology allows us to be the company to install both systems: The Roof and Solar.

The Conclusion:

Upon completion of the project, the homeowners were very excited to see that they now had an Energy Generating Roof! A roof and solar system installed and custom crafted to the home, both wrapped up with the same Golden Pledge Warranty’ promising Peace of Mind for years to come.

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