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Framingham, MA

Framingham MA CertainTeed Roof Replacement
Framingham MA CertainTeed Roof Replacement
CertainTeed Roof Replacement in Framingham MA
CertainTeed Roof Replacement Framingham MA

Services Provided: CertainTeed Roof Replacement
Location: Framingham, MA

The Challenge:

Our Framingham clients gave us a call to schedule a free roofing inspection with our expert team. They wanted to spend one hour addressing the most important parts of their roofing system. The clients were concerned about the bathroom vents that were currently venting on the attic floor instead of the exterior, the chimney that gave constant leaks, and the gutter that was not properly hung. The homeowners were not sure who they needed to hire to complete all these items successfully. They saw the Golden Group Roofing team blogs and were interested in learning more. The homeowners booked a free roofing inspection estimate to discuss these concerns in further detail.

The Meeting:

The Framingham homeowners met with the Golden Group Roofing team at their home. The meeting started in the exterior of the home where a ten point detailed inspection was performed by our consultant. The chimney was looked at in great detail to determine if the lead flashing needed replacement or if the bricks themselves were the issue. The bathroom vent was examined and the Golden Group team concluded that the vent did not have a proper exhaust. After the exterior inspection was completed, the interior inspection followed where the attic was inspected in great detail. In the attic inspection, we found that the property had experienced some rot due to the moisture it had sustained through the leaks in the chimney.

The Solution:

The Golden Group Roofing team recommended that the homeowners first have the chimney bricks resealed by a local masonry contractor. This would ensure that the chimney is leak proof not only on the lead line but throughout all the bricks. Many times, roofers mislead the client to thinking that the lead will stop the leaks, but the lead only protects the transition area from roof line to chimney bricks, the rest of the chimney bricks have to be looked at by the chimney mason to ensure that the mortar and seal is in great condition and not absorbing water. The team recommended a CertainTeed Roofing system with winterguard High Tempered leak barrier also called ice and water shield membrane. This would minimize and reduce the ice dam threat to the home. The bathroom vent roof exhaust was handled and addressed by the installation team. All the bathroom vents were properly connected to exhaust to the exterior of the home. Lastly we recommended a new gutter system. The current gutter system was hung. Hung gutters are not a preferred method of installation. Gutter systems should be screwed onto each rafter on the home. The gutter system we recommended was a 6 inch commercial grade gutter due to the fact that the home has a long run and slope, which means that there will be large amounts of water coming down due to the fact that each roof plane is about 1500 sq feet.

The Conclusion:

A closed permit with Framingham town hall, a registered warranty with CertainTeed Building products, that protects for 25 years of labor and 50 years of product. A perfectly installed roofing system by a factory trained team that not only installs roofs, but installs roofs using the latest technology and knowledge available. This is truly the Golden Group Roofing Difference. When paired with no time clocks, no deposits, and no payments until you are truly satisfied, it makes us an easy choice. Another 5 star review, but most importantly another friend and person that we are proud to call a part of our Golden Group Family.

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