Chimney & Gutter Repairs


The Problem:

The client called the Golden Group Roofing team to discuss upcoming roof replacement. The client had concerns in regards to his chimney that has been actively leaking from time to time. The client was unaware of the issues were related to the roof or the chimney or to both. The leaks were becoming a pain point that the client wanted to take care of any have a peace of mind.

The Meeting:

Our client Lucas met with us at his home. We started off the evaluation outside of the home doing a full inspection of the property. After conducting a full inspection we did realize that the client had a leak coming in from the chimney, and they did not have proper air intake. The clients also had a vented drip edge for air intake in the eves. Although this was a good process for air intake 20 years ago, today we have realized that vented drip edges due not being much air flow. Also vented drip edges are the number one source of leaks during ice dams in the Northeast due to the gap in the roof caused by the vented drip edge air flow. Our client was given a proposal to ensure all these points would be fully addressed.

The Solution:

The solutions we provided was a full roof replacement that provided a new way to obtain air intake in the property by install 4 by 16 inch soffit vents by completely removing the vented drip edges and closing the gap from the fascia and roof decking. The chimney was also addressed and re leaded using 12 inch lead with ice and water shield leak barrier and aluminum step flashings.

The Conclusion:

In conclusion, we provided to our client a complete peace of mind with a new roofing system with improved air flow, and leak proof chimney. Something was he was very excited about! The client ended up selecting Certainteed Landmark Pro. A wonderful asphalt shingle with 50 year product warranty and 25 year labor warranty.

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