Chimney Leaks in Medfield


The Challenge:

Upon the arrival of our team, this property appeared to have leaking issues around the chimney area. Our team of experts identified issues with the flashing around the chimney, which could explain the source of the leak issue. In addition, there were rusted nails exposed which would then allow an entry point of water and expose the integrity of the wood decking.

The Meeting:

When the homeowner met with our expert roofing consultant, we were able to walk through the components that make a roofing system stand out from the others. The homeowner was able to appreciate the importance, and the value of craftsmanship. The hands on the roof truly make the difference between a roof and a roofing system.

The Solution:

Our team of experts and factory trained professionals were able to execute a well crafted roofing system. Every component of the roof is just as important as the shingles. We paid special attention to all the flashings that pertained to pipe boots, bathroom vets, chimney, and any penetrations alike. Our nailing technique was precise to ensure that there was no nail exposure, and to ensure there was not high nailing or low nailing; conserving the integrity of the roofing system. Wood decking was also reinforced where needed.

The Conclusion:

The homeowner was satisfied with their experience throughout the process. They were able to be leak free, with their new GAF Timberline HD Roofing System. Which was installed to all GAF specifications, and building code. Their permit passed final inspection without any issues. Their roof was crafted to their style of home, and will be leak proof for many years to come.

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