Roof Replacement


The Challenge:

The home was absorbing moisture due to the amount of moss and algae growing on the roof. The area over the roof was heavily covered with large tree branches. Although tree branches are beautiful, they are very problematic and a great concern to a roofing system, especially when we are talking about roof moss and algae. Roof moss and algae will actually prematurely age the roofing system by eating away at the asphalt and absorbing moisture. This was what lead the clients to seek a roof replacement in the first place.

The Meeting:

During the meeting, we realized that the home belonged to multiple owners and was managed under the condominium association. We met with the association and explained our findings from our roof inspections. Our roof inspection not only carefully assessed the exterior, but also the attic of the home. We went on to discuss the siding transitions and how we would handle where the roof meets the siding to ensure that the dormers did not become an entry point for water. When dormers are on a roofing system, it’s important to ensure the siding and flashings of the dormers are addressed and repaired if needed to ensure they do not become an issue after the roof has been completed. A roofer is not just there to replace the roof, but rather to ensure that all the components of the roofing system are addressed and repaired as needed, that includes skylights, pipe boots, flashings, chimneys, fascia and trim.

The Solution:

We proposed to the clients a new GAF roofing system with their Timberline Ultra HD shingles that offer a 25 year warranty against algae and moss. These asphalt shingles are coated with copper to ensure that algae and moss will not grow. The roofing system also came with a new chimney re lead with 12 inch lead, 10 inch aluminum flashing and ice and water leak barrier. In some portions of the roof, there was rot, which we did anticipate due to the moisture it had absorbed. The wood was repaired and all the roof decking was reinforced prior to the install of the new roof. We filed for a permit with the town of Brookline, and were able to go from contract signing to installation within 8 days.

The Conclusion:

A beautiful roofing system that was upgraded and brought to code. It is not just about replacing what is there, but rather about upgrading what is there with the latest products and techniques available to ensure that the roofing system is able to uphold and deliver protection for the next 50 years. After the roof was installed, we asked for a final inspection from the building department to ensure that the permit was successfully closed. The final touch was the registered warranty with GAF. The golden pledge warranty offers a 25 year warranty on workmanship and 50 year warranty on products and is non prorated and one time transferable to a new homeowner.

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