The Right Siding Choice for Your Bay State Beach House Makes Summer More Relaxing

All year you look forward to relaxing and enjoying summer fun at your family’s Boston beach house. But the fun starts to fade if you pull into the driveway and see that the siding is scratched, faded, shows signs of wear and tear, or is damaged by moisture, salt, and sand. Before you know it, you’re concerned about the time, hassle, and cost of repairing or replacing your home’s siding. You wonder if you should have used better quality siding in the first place, one that would stand up to the elements.

When does your beach house siding need a face lift?

If your home currently has a wood exterior, you may pay the price when it starts to crack, warp, rot, or have pest damage. If you have poor quality vinyl siding (or poorly installed siding), dents, holes, gaps, fading, leaks, and other signs of premature aging are inevitable. Your energy and maintenance costs may also increase. These are all signs you need an upgrade, sooner rather than later.

When your home’s siding is in poor condition, you see it, and your neighbors see it. It’s embarrassing. But often, lack of free time and budget concerns get in the way of planning for regular maintenance or damage from ongoing wear or one-time events, such as heavy hail.

What are your best siding options for boosting your beach house’s curb appeal, reduce maintenance, minimize repairs, and save on energy costs? Read on to find out our top choices.

Front view of beach house siding. Siding Choices for your Beach House.

Whether you have a vacation beach house in MA, live near the ocean year-round, or have a cape-style home inland, you can protect your property asset and increase curbside appeal with high-protection siding. The right siding choices for your beach house can give your home a fresh look you can be proud of for years to come.

Tando Beach House Shake composite siding choices for your beach house

Tando Beach House Beach House Shake® can be the winning choice for those who require a superb architectural look nearly identical to natural cedar—at an affordable price. This siding creates the most realistic cedar appearance by blending uniquely grained boards to form a nuanced, integrated look. You can choose from dozens of natural and solid colors and textures, such as rough-sawn and hand-split Beach House Shake.

Impeccable cedar styling is just part of Tando’s distinction from other siding. Homeowners enjoy long-lasting protection against severe storms, mold, mildew, and insects at an affordable price.

Tando Beach House Beach House Shake is an innovative composite that looks like new for the life of your home. Beach House Shake is fade-resistant, with a 10-year “looks like new” warranty. You can even repaint it after five or ten years, updating the look to meet changing trends and personal taste. You can also choose Tando’s KAPGUARD® coating, which boasts 20+ years of fade-protection.

Couple the beauty of cedar with the long-term savings of extreme protection

Beach House Shake siding is most popular among budget-conscious lovers of beach-style homes. This is because of its true cedar appearance and strong protection against weather, fading, and other dangers. Some homeowners, however, want the look of cedar while going the extra mile for ultimate durability, making Everlast® siding a good choice. 

Like Tando, it has the look of cedar and comes in many color and style options—including vertical batten-board. It costs a bit more initially, but near-zero maintenance in even the harshest New England climates mean long-term savings. There’s also no recurring maintenance other than the occasional washing and its limited lifetime warranty.   

Need assistance with the right siding choices for your beach house in MA?

Both Tando’s Beach House Beach House Shake collection and Everlast Siding offer the natural beauty of cedar with the high performance needed to protect against New England storms and salty sea air. Golden Group Roofing offers the best in siding for your beach house in Boston. We’ll walk you through the all of your options to determine the best choice for your aesthetic taste and budget.

When replacing the siding of your beach home, give us a call at (508) 873-1884 or book your appointment online.