How to Define Your Own Success

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Does it sometimes feel like everyone else has “made it”? That success is taking longer than it should – or feels just outside of reach? The key is defining your own version of success, according to Greta Bajrami, CEO of Golden Group Roofing. She recently connected with other aspiring business owners in Corridor 9 / 496 Regional Chamber of Commerce to discuss how she defined success and how she got there as part of her mission to help others achieve their dreams too.

Top 3 Tips for the Rising Entrepreneur

This spring, Golden Group Roofing’s CEO Greta Bajrami chatted with Annie Cebulski, host of ProRemodeler’s Women at Wirc podcast. Greta and Annie took an honest look at some of the challenges of being a rising entrepreneur in the remodeling world. Greta shared her top tips for the rising entrepreneur.