Roof Installation

Golden Group is your go to for roof installation.
We turn an ordinarily messy process into a stress-free experience.

Steps We Take To Install The Weather Stopper Roofing System

Here’s a quick overview of the entire roofing installation process from beginning to end:

We will begin by removing all existing shingle layers. Older homes can sometimes have as many as 2 to 3 layers of previously installed shingles, so it’s extremely important we get down to the bottom of this before moving onto the next step.

Once we’ve safely removed all the shingles from the roof we will inspect the entire decking and trim for any soft, damaged, and/ or rotted areas and replace them with new decking, trim, or PVC to ensure we have a solid foundation to build upon.

We will install a professional grade water barrier on the all eaves, valleys, skylights, chimneys, and transitional walls of the roof with a minimum of 6 feet on eaves (Building Code only requires 3 feet) to give you the absolute best protection of the outside elements such as snow and ice. (Golden Pledge Warranty includes Eaves and Rakes).

We then install a professional grade drip edge around the eaves and rakes of the entire roof. The drip edge is specifically engineered to help prevent water from adhering to your roof and provide you the best water management system available.

We will then take care of all chimney flashing and step flashing in your siding and transitional walls to build a water tight barrier that will protect your home for a lifetime.

We will replace all existing pipe boots and collars around exhaust pipes.

To protect the remaining exposed decking we use a high grade synthetic underlayment that is waterproof. (Golden Pledge Warranty includes Deck Armor).

Now we can start installing your new shingles. We start with a hurricane rated category 3, 130 mph wind resistant Starter Strip around all eaves and rakes to ensure shingles will never blow off.

Now that we’ve taken care of all the prep work, we can finally install the shingles. There is a specific technique to installing the shingles the right way, and all of our crews have been professional trained and certified by GAF and Certainteed experts. Properly laying down the foundation and shingles is something that is extremely overlooked in the roofing industry and it’s the most important component to ensuring you never have problems in the future. This is what truly separates Golden Group Construction from the rest of the pack, we exceed building code requirements and we are proud of that fact.

Once all shingles have been properly installed we can now cut open your ridge and let it breathe. Ventilation is one of the most important components of having a proper roofing system and warranty. The width and depth we cut at the ridge varies from roof to roof, and we follow a very strict process to ensure your homes ventilation is addressed the right way.

Then we install the most advanced ventilation system available known as the Snow Country Advanced Ridge Vent. This is a very tedious process and takes nearly 2 hours to hand nail each and every vent using 3 inch hand nails to ensure it’ll never pull away from your roof.

We will end with installing the best ridge capping shingle with 3 inch hand nails to ensure a tight seal that’ll never blow off.