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Golden Group Roofing is the trusted choice for Boylston homeowners and commercial property managers looking for full-service roofers in Boylston, MA. Our family-owned business is ready to expertly replace or upgrade your roof, whether you own a contemporary home with skylights, a historic home with classic New England features or a cottage with a water view. We are known for our ability to provide a full range of roofing and construction services with premium craftsmanship, including roof replacements and roof repairs, home siding and skylights and repair.

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With over 400 5-star online reviews, Golden Group is the most awarded roofing contractor in Mass. We have achieved our top-rated status in Boylston for our high-quality work and materials, expert guidance and respect for our customers and their properties. Our roofers in Boylston, MA are dedicated to craftsmanship, quality and customer service is second to none, and our customers enjoy our unique, stress-free process.

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Call for a free roofing estimate at (508) 873-1884 or use our free, convenient online roofing estimate calculator

Our friendly representatives will provide all the information you need—without any pressure. We are proud of the care and service we provide our customers at every point in the process, from our first conversation through installation and clean-up. 

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Consider solar when replacing your roof by roofers in Boylston

Homeowners in Mass. are increasingly going solar to lower their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint. Should you install solar with a new roof? Our solar roofing division, Golden Group Solar, offers an integrated roofing and solar installation crew who work side-by-side for the safest, highest-quality results. Your trusted GAF Master Elite roofing installers make sure you qualify for receiving federal and state solar energy tax incentives and rebates.   

Protect your roof—and everyone under it

Your property is likely your top asset. And your roof is your main line of defense when protecting your home–and your family–from the elements. We do all we can to ensure your roof provides the greatest protection for years to come. When we do repairs, we go deeper to identify any hidden issues–such as moisture, mold and pest damage—that can lead to more significant issues, even structural damage. We will never go beyond the scope of our original estimate without your express approval.

Call a contractor with comprehensive capabilities

We provide comprehensive services for roofing and beyond. The size and experience of our team allows us to handle a wide range of roofing and construction projects, from small repairs to upgrades and total roof replacement. Our friendly staff will advise and guide you throughout your project and always keep you aware of the status. Throughout the process, your project manager will be happy to address any concerns or questions you have.

Find out about all of our roofing services 

  • Full roof replacements with premium shingles
  • Year-round roof repairs, even in winter
  • Home siding for protection and curb appeal
  • Leak-free skylight installation and repair
  • Solar roofing systems for environmentally-friendly energy savings
  • Chimney flashing to seal seams for a watertight roof
  • Custom-made gutters and trim for a seamless look

Our roofers in Boylston are ready for your project, whenever you need it

New England weather is tough on homes, especially those exposed to high winds. Homes in Boylston face snow, wind, sleet and icy conditions that wreak havoc on roofs. Roof damage can happen any time, and emergencies can’t wait. Golden Group takes on projects throughout the year. You can trust us to provide personalized attention whether you want to upgrade your roof in the summer, have a leak in the fall or shingles have blown off in a winter storm. 

Call Golden Group for the right service at the right time—all with the highest level of craftsmanship. We train our crews throughout the year, ensuring first-class installation for a long-lasting roof.

Our streamlined process offers stress-free convenience

An accurate estimate lets you move forward with confidence

Roofing customers often worry about roofing estimates. This is understandable, especially when talking with a roofer who provides only ballpark estimates. Customers know that an inaccurate estimate can result in them paying more than expected. That won’t happen with us. Your streamlined, no-surprise Golden Group experience makes the process easier and less stressful.

We use cutting-edge satellite technology that gives us your roof’s exact measurements, allowing us to prepare a detailed, accurate proposal with diagrams, photos and figures. You can review the plans and estimate on your own, without any pressure.

I’m interested in a free repair or re-roofing estimate.

Your project manager will deal with the red tape

Massachusetts and Boylston building and roofing requirements can be challenging. Working with the Golden Group team simplifies the process. We make it our job to handle all the regulations, permitting, dumpster rentals and debris removal so you don’t need to worry about compliance with state and local building codes. We’ll keep you apprised every step of the way.

Choose your materials and style right from your Boylston home  

Deciding the style and materials you want on your new roof is a big decision. You need time to consider your options, without pressure. Golden Group makes it easy by bringing the options right to your home. We bring our complete “roofing box” to you. From the comfort of your home, you can see sample materials to conveniently choose your preferred style, color, texture and design.

Skip the deposit payment

Golden Group doesn’t require a deposit before we start the project. You don’t pay until the day of the installation.

Minimize risk with a premium roof warranty.

A roofing material warranty is provided by the manufacturer to cover defective materials and components. Your labor warranty protects you against any installation issues. We show our commitment to ALL our Boylston customers by protecting their investment with the maximum available warranty coverage.

To get started with a consultation and a quote for roofing services, give us a call today.

Boylston is a Golden Group roofing community: Roofers in Boylston

Boylston residents are proud of their tranquil, small town of 5,000 in Central MA—just 45 minutes from Boston. As we drive to our roofing jobs in your town, Golden Group crews enjoy the rural New England feel, picturesque scenery and quaint historic areas. Many of us have also visited Tower Hill Botanic Garden, a special highlight in Boylston. 

Boylston is familiar to us along with its neighborhoods. We look forward to improving your home—whether you own a contemporary home near one of the golf courses, a cottage near a wildlife conservation area, a traditional 19th century New England home near the Town Common or a commercial property along Route 12.

Expert Guidance to keep your roof watertight

Here are essential roofing tips to protect your Boylston, MA property

  1. Never ignore signs of a potential roofing issue. Do you see a water stain or sign of moisture on the ceiling? Take care of the issue quickly, especially since the problem may be bigger than meets the eye. Even if you don’t see an active leak, unseen damage can lead to moisture, pests, mold, mildew and other problems. We can inspect your roof to identify hard-to-find problems that require repairs. 
  2. Act quickly, even if the problem seems minor. Small issues are likely to grow. When you delay repairs, you risk greater damage and expense, the hassles of major repairs and a shorter life for your roof. Most minor problems can be resolved quickly. Calling early when you see the start of a problem saves you money and extends the life of your roof in the long run. When our crews do repairs, they will also let you know of any unexpected problems and discuss potential solutions.
  3. Be proactive with an aging or worn-out roof. No roof lasts forever. At a certain point, every home needs a roof replacement. We can help you weigh your options regarding materials and design. Re-roofing is a good opportunity to add skylights, add new architectural features such as a dormer, use alternate materials, go solar or make other changes that suit your aesthetic and lifestyle. We offer the best warranties in the business for your protection.
  4. Save money with yearly inspections. Even if you visually inspect your roof, there may be hidden problems that can only be seen by a trained roofer. If your roof hasn’t been professionally inspected recently, you may be unaware of underlying damage or potential risks, like small punctures or the start of roof rot. Call us for an annual inspection to identify necessary repairs, avoid future issues and make your roof last longer
  5. Discuss the repair vs replace question with an expert.  Customers often ask us if it’s time to replace their roof, especially if needed repairs on an older roof are significant. A new roof is a significant investment, so this question requires expert advice from a trusted roofing contractor. When you contact us about a possible replacement, we’ll visit your property and give you a full, honest assessment of your roof’s condition and address the repair/replace question. We’ll provide our best guidance and present you with options. 
  6. Get a roof estimate from a reputable contractor. No one likes surprises when it comes to roofing costs. We known throughout the Greater Boston and Worcester area for our transparency and integrity. When we visit your property, we’ll assess the situation, consult with you, and provide you with an accurate estimate and a detailed plan. No surprises.   


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Golden Group is the award-winning roofing company in Massachusetts

We’ve worked hard to make Golden Group the premier roofing company in the Greater Boston area. A leader in the local roofing industry, we have long been recognized for our craftsmanship, personalized service and high-quality materials. Our crews are certified and receive training year round to keep up with new roofing innovations, installation skills and materials. We are proud of our history as a roofing industry leader.

  • GAF Master Elite Presidents Club award winners (top one to two percent of roofing contractors nationwide)
  • ProRemodeler’s 40 Under 40
  • Select ShingleMaster

Learn about our many other awards

We stand behind our work with these promises to our valued Boylston customers:

  1. INTEGRITY: We are driven by our customer-first values.
  2. ALL-AROUND EXCELLENCE: We always do our best.
  3. CUSTOMER-FIRST SERVICE: We treat our customers right.
  4. CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our craftsmanship is unbeatable.
  5. TRANSPARENCY: We keep you in the loop.
  6. RESPONSIVENESS: We’re here when you need us.
  7. HARD-WORKING: We work hard for your satisfaction.
  8. COMMUNICATION: We keep you informed.
  9. CLEAN-UP: Our clean-up is impeccable.
  10. NO-STRESS: We take away the stress.

Customers share their 5-star Golden Group experience

How good is Golden Group Roofing? You don’t have to take our word for it. Get it right from the source. Over 400 customers have given us 5-star reviews for every aspect of our service. Check out these reviews from Yelp, Angi, and HomeAdvisor.

Our integrity is our number one asset

  • Good price, good quality and good people.  
  • They are a credit to the industry. 
  • Golden Group just stood out to me as a company driven by honesty and integrity.  
  • They did not pressure, oversell or underdeliver.  
  • They have built a terrific family company, based as much on honesty, fairness, and customer sensitivity as on roofing expertise. 

We Provide All-Around Excellence and Value

  • Golden Group Construction’s value was unbeatable.  
  • This is the best contractor I ever used. 
  • I would have given them an A+ if Angie’s list scorecard went that high.  
  • Every employee that I interacted with from Golden Group has demonstrated professional competencies, from Sales to Accounting then Project Manager, I would give a 5 start to all of them. 

Count on our expert team to treat you right

  • Every employee that I interacted with from Golden Group has demonstrated professional competencies, from Sales to Accounting then Project Manager, I would give a 5 start to all of them.  
  • Amazing team with great customer service. 
  • They have built a terrific family company, based as much on honesty, fairness, and customer sensitivity as on roofing expertise.  
  • Very straightforward and easy to work with. No complaints.  

We take pride in our skill and craftsmanship

  • Their workmanship was meticulous, as we could see exactly what they were doing from the third floor room in our upstairs that looks out over the roof.  
  • Everything was done precisely, with attention to detail and great care.  
  • Fully professional and great workmanship. Recommended! I valued their responsiveness and great communication.  
  • This contractor has a large team of skilled roofing technicians who are very well-equipped and very experienced.  )

We believe in full transparency

  • Answered all questions clearly and there was nothing hidden.  
  • The estimate was well detailed and clear on what you were getting.  
  • [The project manager] patiently explained the process and costs to us, and made sure we knew exactly how the work would be done and what we were paying for.  
  • [The Project Manager] knew exactly what the roof needed and made sure there were no surprises for either of us.  

We’re ready to help and quick to respond

  • They were very responsive, replied to me quickly, did the estimate quickly, and even scheduled me quickly.  
  • Very responsive. Always someone there to smooth out any issues that arose.  
  • The project manager was with us every step of the way to ensure our complete satisfaction.
  • When you had questions, [the project manager] was readily available by email and phone and responded promptly.  

Our hard-working crews are respectful of you and your  home

  • The entire roofing crew was extremely polite and worked very hard and was a pleasure to interact with.  
  • Very professional, unbelievably amazing, and extremely dedicated to their work. And very polite too.  
  • A large, industrious crew who were incredibly hardworking.  
  • The work crew was hard working, efficient, friendly and respectful.  

We keep you in the loop throughout the process

  • They explained everything all day long–as the project progressed–they showed what was going on and what was happening next.  
  • The team was very good about carefully explaining the project, costs and schedule.  
  • They kept us informed throughout the permitting process until installation day.  
  • I was impressed by how patient Greta and the team were with my questions and clarifications in the contract. They made sure we were comfortable with the plan and we appreciated this up front.  

We clean up and care for your property

  • They were so careful, there was no damage at all to the exterior of our house or our landscaping.  
  • They cleaned up the debris and left my yard spotless.  
  • The cleanup was fantastic.  
  • Our property was left in meticulous condition.  

We take away the stress of home repairs and improvement

  • My new roof is not only beautiful but it was a totally painless experience.  
  • I’m incredibly thankful to Golden Group. Any anxiety I had felt about the process was completely alleviated. And the work was done well, on time, and without fuss.  
  • This was the best and easiest project I have ever done on my house.  
  • I feel fortunate to have had Golden Group Construction do my roof and I know if I have any issues even years from now, they will take care of it. I have 100% confidence in them. 

Top 10 Reasons Why Golden Group Loves Boylston

  1. Boylston is a charming Boston suburb just 40 miles outside of Boston.
  2. Living in Boylston offers residents a combination of a suburban and rural feel.
  3. Settled in 1722 and incorporated in 1786, Boylston has a rich history and a lovely Town Common.
  4. Boylston is close to an Interstate-290 interchange and Route 140, making it an attractive bedroom community for commuters working in Boston, Worcester, and nearby areas.
  5. Nature is everywhere, with the Wachusett Reservoir land crisscrossed by numerous streams, fields of wildflowers and stands of stately trees.
  6. Boylston is a great place to live and raise a family, with excellent public schools and a safe environment.
  7. Numerous parks and recreational areas provide opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and more.
  8. With plenty of open spaces, Boylston is home to many parks, playgrounds, athletics fields, facilities, conservation and wildlife preservation areas, water bodies, and gardens.
  9. Nature enthusiasts and horticulturalists love to visit Tower Hill Botanic Garden, with its 132 acres of land featuring a range of beautiful gardens, 350,000 plants, trails, natural features, and events.
  10. Boylston received a Niche grade of A- (only brought down from an A by a low grade for nightlife).

Boylston Residents talk about their town*…and we agree!

Beautiful town, excellent schools, the people are amazing, amazing scenery, tranquil, lots of hiking trails, no traffic, clean, no violence. It’s in general a very relaxing town to live in, you won’t miss the city at all.

Awesome town, in a GREAT location with really good schools. Boylston provides an exurb feel for those yearning for more space/ 


It is a small town that works together and has fun. There is a good school system and it’s a safe place to call home.


We roofers in Boylston welcome Boylston customers

Hire a quality contractor with the values you want in a Boylston contractor. We go beyond customer expectations with unsurpassed craftsmanship, superb value, hassle-free process, integrity, and professionalism.

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We take care of the entire roof replacement, including all permits and cleanup, to replace your roof.


We thoroughly inspect and repair your roof and all the components to keep your roof study and watertight.


Elevate your home with new siding options. Now offering Vinyl Siding options.


Skylights can go in just about any room – the kitchen, common living rooms, bathroom, bedrooms – you name it!


Get ready for the sun with our integrated roofing and solar solutions


Elevate your home with new siding options. Now offering James Hardie Fiber Cement.

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We will help you weather every storm.

Throughout your project, our crews and office staff make every effort to provide an easy, stress-free experience. Most importantly, our quality workmanship adds to the safety and comfort of your family, while protecting the life and value of your home.

With a GAF® roof from Golden Group Roofing, your home and family will enjoy durable, reliable protection from a roof that delivers lasting value.

A roof warranty is peace of mind, like the last nail we use to install your new roof. All Golden Group roofs come with a 50-year warranty that’s transferrable with the home.

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Golden Group is the award-winning roofing company in Massachusetts