Transforming Your Home: Before and After in Chelmsford, MA

Transforming your home doesn’t have to involve moving, uprooting your family, and buying a new house. Sure, it’s nice to have all the latest bells and whistles, beautiful exteriors, and modern accents that come with new construction. But you can stay in your existing home and still experience that power of transformation with exterior renovation from the top, down.

The Power of Transformation

Case in point: Last summer, Chelmsford homeowners Mary and her husband made the decision to modernize their existing home and replace the roofing and siding. Little did they know just how much of a transformation they would witness in their home. Let’s take a look at the process they went through to achieve their dream home to learn how you can also begin transforming your home.

Golden Group Roofing exterior of roofing and siding in Chelmsford MA.

The client perspective 

Before starting the transformation process, the first step for Mary and her husband was to do some online research on contractors in Chelmsford and surrounding areas. Golden Group Roofing caught their eye because of the high reviews they saw. That was the catalyst to call, where they were quickly connected with Freddy Campoverde, the co-founder of Golden Group.

They ultimately decided to go with the Golden Group team because they felt a connection with Freddy. This connection was trust, confidence and his ability to embrace their vision.

“Freddy checked all the boxes for us on the front end,” said Mary. “This is someone we can work with who clearly knows his stuff.”

There were challenges along the way, as there are in any exterior renovation of an older home. This prompted many alterations and revisions of design, with decisions that had to be made quickly. “We worked with the project management team to determine what the best path forward was and the outcome was fantastic.”

“They listened intently, they responded quickly and did a really great job with altering the plan to meet our needs,” continued Mary. “The experience was positive throughout. I can’t say enough about the workforce. The teams were here early, they worked late. I can’t say enough about how hard that team worked to get the job done on time.”

Golden Group Roofing exterior of roofing and siding in Chelmsford MA transforming your home.

The Golden Group perspective

Greta Bajrami, CEO and founder of Golden Group Roofing, highlights the Chelmsford exterior transformation project as a great recent success facilitated by Freddy’s team. The result of this project shows people the true power of transformation. It shows what can be done to an existing home to make it truly unique and beautiful.

Many times, points out Greta, homeowners just can’t envision what their house will look like after the fact. They see all this new construction going on around them with glamorous, modern materials and accents. They assume that they need to move to achieve all that. Not so. Homeowners with significant equity in their house can stay put and invest that money back into the existing home without the need to move.

The upside? No moving costs, no sky-high interest rates, and no hassle of uprooting your whole family. You don’t have to move to experience a brand new house.    

Instead, says Greta, Golden Group can strip down the home and give the entire exterior a facelift, from the siding and roofing to the windows and gutters.

The power of transformation

In the case of Mary and her husband, they had been living in the home for many years. They knew it desperately needed updating from the brown siding and tired-looking exteriors. But they didn’t quite understand that their existing house could be transformed. It could have the latest in siding and roofing, with a beautiful new porch with white columns. It could also have wood paneling on the porch ceiling, or all the new accent lighting fixtures throughout.

The ah-ha moment came when Freddy and his team used the Hover 3D rendering system to digitally transform the property by adding colors, textures, trim and other details that the client could view from all angles. There, in full color and depth, they could finally see what their home would look like with Golden Group’s help.

Greta understands that many homeowners are apprehensive about investing 50K to 100K on the exterior of their homes. They reason: why don’t we just sell the house and use the money to put a down payment on a new one? What they may not be considering is the state of the market today. The houses are overpriced, the interest rates are sky high, and the materials are cheaply made and installed.

Why go to all that trouble when you can transform this home, right here, with top of the line products and materials at a fraction of the cost of a move?

When shown the 3D model, most homeowners change their minds. And that’s exactly what happened with Mary and her husband in Chelmsford.


Golden Group Roofing exterior of roofing and siding in Chelmsford MA transforming your home.

Dedicated project management team

To save the hassle of multiple channels of communication, Golden Group Roofing assigns one project manager to each case. A full exterior transformation typically taking between four and eight weeks. The process is streamlined with one point of contact for the homeowner. One project manager – in this case, Freddy – can pivot quickly and make decisions on the fly for a seamless process.

The Chelmsford project began with the roof, using GAF Designer Series shingles – some of the most beautiful and elegant shingles on the market today. The shingles were paired with three feet of metal paneling to provide that edge in design. This is exactly what the homeowners were going for, plus a smoky gray finish on the valleys.

Next up was the siding system installation. The vision was to achieve a homey and classic look blended with a bit of contemporary flair. A milky white James Hardie fiber cement siding was paired with board and batten offset by black accents and a six-inch commercial-grade gutter system.  

Next, a porch was added, along with cedar paneling on the ceiling to make a nice contrast with the stonework. The finishing touch included black accent lighting by Golden Group’s own electrician – a critical piece of the puzzle. “People often forget the power of lights,” points out Greta. 

What started out as an older home in great need of a makeover turned into a modernized yet classic ode to its former self.

Golden Group Roofing exterior of roofing and siding in Chelmsford MA transforming your home.

Why choose Golden Group for your exterior transformation?

 Golden Group handled more than 50 such projects last year, transforming homes from the roof and siding to the windows and gutters, and even solar. The best part about working with Golden Group is that the entire project is handled by one company under one roof. No need to hire your own contractors, from roofers to siders to window installation techs to electricians.

With Golden Group, you hire one company to do it all from start to finish. In less than eight weeks, your home could look virtually brand new. And all you have to do is provide the vision for the end result. Golden Group takes care of the rest.

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