10 Ways You Can Get Roof Style Inspiration for Your Greater Boston Home

If your roof is worn out or your home’s exterior is ready for a facelift, you’ll need roof style inspiration to help you sort out all your options.

Looking for Roof Style Inspiration? Look no further than Golden Group!

Yes, your roof is primarily for protection, but have you given much thought to how you can coordinate the design of your roof and home exterior to express your style and improve curb appeal? A new roof in Massachusetts will typically last 20 to 25 years, so you’ll be living with this decision for a long time.

It’s worth taking the time to think carefully about both the practical and aesthetic side of your roofing decision. But where do you start? Read on to find simple ideas to begin the process, inspire you, and spark your creativity.

Practical considerations for your roof

Thinking about roof style inspiration like colors and shapes is fun and important, but making your home safe and comfortable tops the priority list. Today’s roofing manufacturers have innovative options to meet every type of construction, personal style, and budget. Once you’ve narrowed down your ideas, talk to a professional roofer who can discuss your needs, preferences, budget, and how to provide you with the best value for the dollar. Pragmatic decisions will be based on factors including:

  • Frequency and cost of maintenance
  • Energy efficiency, insulation, and sustainability
  • Fire resistance
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Scheduling
  • Cost of materials, labor, and maintenance

Factors affecting your roofing decisions

Each home and setting has unique requirements, as do its owners. Some homeowners find that getting solar panels is essential. Others want increased daylight to elevate their mood. Fire resistance may rise to the top of the list for homes in wooded areas. No matter your needs, an experienced roofing contractor can review your criteria to identify ideal materials within your budget.

roof style inspiration

Identifying home design ideas you like—and those you don’t like

Your roof may be the foundation of other exterior home design decisions. As you go through your day, Look around and see what colors and textures your eyes are drawn to. Also notice what puts you off. A roof isn’t an impulse buy. It’s a long-term investment that will affect your family’s life for a long time, so make it count! Select a roof incorporating the colors, textures, and architectural details you love.

Inspiration from homes with similar architectural styles

What do homes that are similar to yours look like? For example, if you have a cape-style house, what design choices have owners of other cape styles made? Maybe one has cedar shake siding, blue trim, and a dark roof. Another may have stone accents and rooftop solar panels. Some roofs closely match the exterior color, while others feature contrasting elements. Snap pictures, write notes, create folders, or use a Pinterest board to keep track of your likes, dislikes, and ideas.

roof style inspiration

Home design and roof style inspiration that expresses your taste

Do you want your home to fit in with those around you or something more exciting and unique? You may want dark asphalt shingles for a cohesive neighborhood look, or you may want to stand out with a lighter roof color or mix of colors to match or contrast with the color of your home, trim, or other architectural component.

Using roof space for a better life

A new or remodeled roof can change your day-to-day life in small but impactful ways. As examples, you can add a skylight if your attic office is gloomy, build a dormer to add room and light to top-floor bedrooms, or construct a roof deck to enjoy summer meals outdoors.

10 Ways to Find Roof Style Inspiration and Home Design Ideas

Now that you know more about factors that will affect your roof remodeling decisions, there’s no shortage of how to explore home trends and styles. Below are ten popular ways our customers have shared with us.

  1. Take a ride around your area to see the design choices nearby homeowners have made.
  2. Talk to friends, neighbors, and family about their roofs and the roofing process: pros and cons, tips, and advice.
  3. Notice your home décor and design choices, including artwork, furniture, materials, and colors.
  4. Get inspired by colors and textures from nature, in your own backyard, or from more distant scenery.
  5. Go to Google Images and search for terms such as residential home remodeling, Victorian-style roofs, modern roof design, shingle roof colors, or other relevant search terms.
  6. Watch remodeling TV, cable, and streaming to get ideas from different angles, whether it’s remodeling an old home (This Old House on PBS), remodeling to sell your house (Flip or Flop on HGTV), or restoring a home to preserve its special architecture (Rehab Addict on Netflix).
  7. Find collections of images on roof design, home remodeling, or related topics on Pinterest and Instagram. Houzz solely has images of things related to exterior and interior home design and décor.
  8. You can scroll through YouTube videos on topics such as roof architecture, design ideas, insights, materials, solar roofs, how to choose a roof, roofing mistakes, and so on.
  9. Explore architecture, design, and remodeling magazines, websites, and blogs published by a wide variety of sources, such as the Golden Group Roofing blog, which covers a wide array of home remodeling, design, and roofing topics.
  10. Visit websites of industry professionals—including roofers, architects, designers, roof materials manufacturers, and real estate companies—will usually have a gallery of their work and most likely a blog with articles to give you information and inspiration.

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