Golden Group Roofing joins Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce

As part of their commitment to the Metrowest community, Golden Group Roofing is pleased to join the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC), based in Marlborough, MA.

Striving for Community Excellence: Golden Group Roofing Enlists in MRCC

“The leadership at MRCC is proactively working to strengthen the business community, not only in Marlborough but in surrounding towns, such as Hudson and others,” co-Founder and CEO Greta Bajrami said.

Because Golden Group Roofing is also committed to contributing to a healthy business ecosystem for the Marlborough, Hudson, and surrounding area, the team is excited to become members of this valuable organization.

Marlborough Chamber of Commerce

Building Stronger Bonds: Golden Group Roofing’s Integration into Marlborough’s Business Network

“Our roofing company has provided excellent customer service for homeowners and commercial property owners in the Marlboro area since 2012. The crew is passionate about building a thriving community where local residents can work, play, and support one another.”

Local chambers of commerce can play a vital role in the small business environment. By frequently connecting with other organizations that serve the same community, local business leaders can share resources and understand the needs of their residents to better serve them. 

“As the leader of Golden Group Roofing, it’s important to me to perfect our customer service process,” said Bajrami. “I love connecting with colleagues in the construction industry. It’s also essential to network with business owners outside of our area of expertise to get a different perspective.”


Golden Group Roofing Team
Golden Group Roofing Team.

Connecting for Community Enhancement: Golden Group Roofing’s Pledge with Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce

By connecting with others who serve the same community but in different ways, such as bankers, coffee shop owners, and local municipal leaders, Bajrami and her team can find ways to improve the customer journey of the residents and property owners in Marlborough and surrounding towns.

The Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce connects small businesses across all types of industries in the Marlborough, Hudson, Sudbury, Northborough, and Southborough area. Golden Group Roofing commits to delivering cutting-edge roofing and siding technology, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship, and providing excellent customer service to residential and commercial buildings in the Worcester and Greater Boston area. You can find Golden Group Roofing at for your free roofing and home siding estimate.