CertainTeed versus TAMKO Roof Shingles

Things to consider when replacing the shingles on your Boston area roof:

How to choose between Certainteed and TAMKO Roof Shingles

One of the most important decisions a homeowner can make when doing a full roof replacement is the quality and brand of the materials. At Golden Group Roofing, we look for asphalt roof shingles that are designed to look good and stand up to the harsh New England weather for years to come. Here’s some of the differences between CertainTeed and TAMKO Roof Shingles.

Things to consider when choosing between CertainTeed and TAMKO Roof Shingles:

  • Durability in New England
  • Appearance
  • Warranty

The durability factor in New England

When you live in New England, durability is a priority when it comes to getting a long-lasting new roof. We’re no strangers to high winds, snow and ice build up, extreme heat and cold, and harsh rain. 

When we’re helping our customers select their asphalt shingles, we encourage them to look at the reputation for strength and resilience of the materials. It may be tempting to go for the most inexpensive materials, but also consider the costs of roof repairs and early replacements if the roof can’t stand up to the New England weather. 

Both manufacturers meet certain industry standards for toughness. CertainTeed’s Landmark® shingles uses its QuadraBond technology and CertaSeal to secure the layers and improve wind resistance. TAMKO HERITAGE® shingles are built with two layers of fiberglass mat, with asphalt and mineral granules.


While protecting your home is a number one priority, almost everyone wants to maximize their curb appeal! It can help with the sale of your property, or just bring a smile to your face when you arrive home. When it comes to color options, CertainTeed offers the most variety. The CertainTeed Landmark® shingle series comes in 13 different colors. Click here for the latest CertainTeed Landmark® shingle colors

As of this writing, TAMKO  only offers about 7 colors, which you can see here on their website. TAMKO touts their “shadowtone” look to give their shingles a unique and vivid look.

When choosing a color, don’t forget that not every color or style is available for your region. When you’re ready, we’ll show you what’s currently available and even bring you our “roofing box” to show you CertainTeed samples.

Golden Group Roofing CertainTeed versus TAMKO roof shingles

Warranty Coverage

A solid roof warranty is something that many homeowners don’t think about until it’s too late. We’re homeowners too, and we know that you want to protect your investment. That’s why Golden Group Roofing pays attention to the warranty, and you should.

At the time of this article, both manufacturers offer different levels of warranties. CertainTeed offers two levels of warranties for its Landmark® shingle line as of January 2023:  the SureStart™and the SureStart™ PLUS.  

TAMKO’s HERITAGE®  line offers Full Start® standard and enhanced limited warranty. Please check TAMKO ’s website for the most up-to-date warranty information.  

Proper installation is just as important.

The integrity of a roofing system depends on two things: the quality of the materials and the quality of the installation.  That’s why we invest every year in updated training for our staff and crew.  We commit to staying up-to-date on the latest technology and manufacturer guidelines. 

Be sure to check the manufacturers for the latest information

Everything we have mentioned here is as of January 2023, but remember that products are changing and improving all the time. Always do your due diligence by checking the websites for the latest information.

Need some help choosing between CertainTeed and TAMKO?

Some of our customers don’t want to read all of the industry and jargon, and just want to talk to an expert. We’ve got our hands on roofing materials all year round, and we’re happy to share our experiences with you. 

Every project is different! Our team at Golden Group Roofing can help you choose the right shingles for your specific installation.  If you’re having trouble deciding between CertainTeed and TAMKO shingles on your Boston, MA area home, give us a call at (508) 873-1884 or schedule your appointment online.