Aluminum Trim vs PVC for Siding:
The Correct Way to Renovate Trim

Whether you are renovating your home’s exterior or simply giving it a refresh or update, there are many new options for siding materials, textures, and colors. The selected material matters. Here are our favorites for trim – new or renovated.

Ready to replace your siding's trim?

At Golden Group Roofing, we only use PVC trim. It can be cut and shaped like wood but doesn’t absorb moisture like wood trim and doesn’t need repainting every four to five years.

image of home with PVC siding. Aluminum Trim vs PVC for Siding: Renovating House Trim concept.

The Breakdown: Aluminum Trim vs PVC for Siding

If you are planning on renovating your trim, there are many options. Lets breakdown aluminum trim vs PVC for home siding.

PVC trim:

  • Lasts 30 – 50 years
  • It isn’t susceptible to damage and decay.
  • Ability to withstand high and low temperatures
  • Cost-effective over time
  • Costs $24 to $28 per linear foot

When it comes to aluminum trim vs PVC for home siding, PVC trim can withstand severely high or negatively low temperatures and has the capacity to fight moisture. It is strong, easy to maintain, and cost effective. PVC trim today is available in styles that imitate wood grain to satisfy those who love wood but want the minimal maintenance that PVC provides.

Trim wraps – an option for existing wood trim

If your existing wood trim doesn’t need to be replaced, and if it doesn’t have rot or mold, then you might consider trim wrapping.

Trim capping, or “wrapping,” is a method used by contractors to protect wood trim from moisture and other damage. The wood trim may also be wrapped to give the home an update or fresh style. The existing wood trim is fitted with a precisely cut and shaped outer layer of protective material.  Golden Group Roofing’s preferred material is PVC with an aluminum coil.

Professional craftsmanship ensures successful aesthetics using trim wrapping to achieve a smooth, but textured, appearance that appears original. The goal is to maintain an appealing texture much like polished wood.

For trim wrapping, consider:

  • Lifespan is 50 years 
  • Professional installation necessary
  • Realistic woodgrain look
  • Wide color range, design, and finish options
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cost is about $15 – $20 per linear foot

Both new PVC trim and PVC-coated Aluminum trim wrapping offer the benefit of reduced trim maintenance, durability, and the elimination of replacing repainting of trim at least every four to five years.

If you are thinking of a home renovation project and want to learn all about the options available to you, call Golden Group at 508-873-1884 or use our Contact Us form.