roof repair

Every roof repair starts with a detailed roof inspection.

The benefits of regular roof repair and roof maintenance

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to their roof or its issues until it’s too late. But the roof protects the whole home from weather elements. That’s why homeowners need to be aware of their roof’s health – all months out of the year – but especially after storm damage.

Expand the Lifetime of the Roof

Regular roof inspections and attention to repairs will extend the lifetime of your roof, saving you money in the long run.


Identify Weak Points on your Roof

When you know that your roof has sustained storm or winter damage, you can fix it before problems present.

The steps to a roof inspection

1. Uncover your roofing needs

The first and most important step to uncovering your roofing needs is meeting with the homeowner so we can better understand what’s important to you about your new roofing system. Every single homeowner has different needs, some need a service while others need a full replacement, and it’s our job to guide you towards the right path for your home.

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2. Detailed exterior check-up

Once we have a better understanding of what’s important to you in the roofing process we will do a complete exterior inspection of your roof as we examine the following components:

  • Architectural Integrity of shingles. Are they missing granules, worn out, damaged and/or torn?
  • Do you have any algae, moss, or lichen growing on your roof?
  • Is the roof retaining any moisture or actively leaking?
  • Was the roof properly installed originally?
  • Do you have any skylights? If so, how old is it and is it leaking?
  • Check for proper flashing around the chimney and siding/ transitional walls
  • Check for proper ventilation
  • Inspect exterior trim for damage and signs of water retention
  • Do you need asphalt shingle roof repair?

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3. Attics are important, too

Once we’ve inspected the exterior we will jump into the attic if accessible and inspect the following areas:

  • Check overall condition of wood decking
  • Inspect attic intake and exhaust ventilation for proper airflow
  • Inspect bathroom vents
  • If water stains are discovered is the leak still active?? If so where is the water going behind your walls, into your insulation, perhaps your ceilings?

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4. Road map of recommended roof repairs

Whether we recommend repair or replacement, we will provide you with all the options. Once the exterior and interior inspection has been completed our roofing experts will review areas of concerns with the homeowners and design a clear and customized road map to best address your homes roofing needs once and for all.

Explore our roof repair packages

5. Receive a fair & accurate price proposal

Before we leave our roofing experts will provide you with a very fair price for the work to be completed, thank you for your time and that’s it we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Explore our roof repair packages


Roof Repair Packages

We do more than just replace your roof. We also help maintain and service existing roofs, skylights, siding, as well as repairs to gutters and trim, where needed, so that your home gets the complete package.

Chimney Reflash and Relead

Installing new aluminum and lead flashing on brick roof chimneys.

Pipe Boot Flashing Replacements

Replacing the aluminum pipe boot flashing on your roof boot pipes helps identify & seal leaks.

Roof Tune Ups

All roof tune-ups include a detailed inspection report with photographs, and a detailed proposals outlining recommended roof repairs.

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