Stow Roof Replacement


The Challenge:

Our client called Golden Group Roofing to obtain a estimate proposal on the upcoming roof replacement project. However, they did not want just a price proposal but rather a full inspection with recommendations on best steps to take. They had heard about our team on a Facebook group, where our previous clients had shared their experience and spoken highly about our free inspection process. When the clients called our offices to book the free consultation, we explained to them in detail what working with Golden Group would be like, starting with our ten point inspection process. Our free inspection looks at areas of the roofing system like ventilation of attic and air intake of soffits, as well as chimney leads, flashings, and any other objects on the roof.

The Meeting:

Our team visited the clients property and met with them using social distancing and safe practices. Upon arrival, we inspected and measured the perimeter of the home to provide a detailed measurement report. After, the construction supervisor began his inspection process by inspecting the trim and wood decking of the home. After the wood and trim inspection, there was a detailed inspection of air intake on soffit and ventilation of the current roofing system on ridges of home. Lastly, the construction supervisor completed his report by walking on the roof to ensure that aluminum flashings, lead flashings, and pipe boot flashings were properly inspected. When the detailed report was completed, the construction supervisor prepared a document for the homeowner to go over and read in greater depth the scope of work that has been recommended. The document includes measurements as well as photography. The photos make it easy to reference to certain areas. In all our inspection reports, we also include helpful hints where the client can learn more about each manufactured product.

The Solution:

The client decided to select a new Certainteed Roofing system using Landmark asphalt shingle System. The roofing system came with the recommended 6 feet of ice and water shield membrane on the eves of the home. All the siding transitional areas had new aluminum step flashings installed to ensure leak proof installation. The chimney was also repaired and new lead flashing was installed. It is highly recommended that the lead flashing is installed by the roofing company at time of new roof replacement.

The Conclusion:

The client received a Certainteed Landmark Asphalt Roofing system on their home. An architectural 50 year product. We upgraded the roofing investment by offering a registered 25 year workmanship warranty directly with Certainteed building products. The Certainteed 5 star warranty provides a complete peace of mind to our clients. The warranty is one time transferable to a new homeowner and is non pro rated. Golden Group offers the final seal, by obtaining final inspection approvals from city hall and ensuring our clients project has been fully completed to their satisfaction. This is the Golden Group promise and guarantee. No final payments until, permit is closed, warranty is registered, and you are 100% satisfied.

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