Newton Roof Replacement


The Problem:

Golden Group Roofing was called to evaluate a Newton roof replacement project. Upon inspection, the roofing expert noticed that the drip edge of this home was installed incorrectly, and in some critical areas, there was no trace of a drip edge installed. Due to the drip edge application error, and the absence of this product water was accumulating behind the gutters, and causing rotted trim throughout the edges of the home.

The Meeting:

Through our meeting with the homeowner, we helped the homeowner understand a roofing system rather than a roof. Part of the roofing system is the Drip Edge. The roof is the first line of defense against rain, wind, snow, and all the elements of mother nature. The roofing system must be able to compliment the home by protecting it against the elements. Water of course will slide down the roof, and needs to be guided off the roof accordingly with a: Drip Edge. This product, when installed correctly, would direct the water off the roof and into the gutters. The water should not be dripping behind the gutters, as it will cause trim rotting and leaks in the future.

The Solution:

Our team of factory trained professionals applied a white Drip Edge all around the edges of the home to manufacturer specifications, to ensure the water would be guided off the roof and into the gutters. All the areas of the home that were phone to water and ice were water-secured with the proper leak barriers, and the synthetic underlayments to protect against any leaks.

The Conclusion:

For this Newton roof replacement at this beautiful home, we installed an incredible Pewter Grey Timberline HDZ Roofing System. With adequate ventilation, proper installation of drip edge, and the designated ridge cap shingles for the ridge. This new GAF Roofing System is also covered under the best warranty on the market: The Golden Pledge Warranty, offering Peace of Mind.

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