GAF Roofing System


The Challenge:

We received a call from a homeowner that lived in a duplex home in Arlington, MA. The homeowner stated that it was time to replace the roofing system. When we asked if it was old age or storm damage, the client notified our team that it was old age that had prompted him to replace the roof of his home. However, because it was old age the best thing for us to do was to replace the entire roof, not just one side of the duplex roof. Well, this made our work a bit more complex as it meant speaking with and consulting the project with the other duplex owners. Once we were able to meet with both owners, we began our roof inspection process. It was important for us to do the entire roof (both sides of the home) since it connects both properties on the roofline and there would be no way to ensure peace of mind to one homeowner without addressing the roof entirely. The Golden Group Roofing inspection process is very detailed and lasts about an hour. The homeowners booked a time that worked best for them and met with our consultant Freddy at their property in Arlington, MA

The Meeting:

During the initial meeting, Freddy got to know the homeowners and their property. At Golden Group, we have designed a list of questions to ask homeowners to ensure that all their needs are being addressed. After our detailed discussion, we began to inspect the exterior of the property. The roof, the trim, and the wood decking are crucial and must pass inspection before proceeding to design the roofing system. We can only install a new roof if the trim or roof deckings are not rotted. Freddy the roofing consultant took the time to inspect things like the chimney and transition wall flashings. What Freddy is always looking for as well as the ventilation of the property. It is recommended that home ventilation is brought up to the building code and the time of roof replacement. Many building departments such as the building department in Arlington, MA will even require a ventilation assessment when installing a new roof.

The Solution:

The clients were offered a new GAF Roofing System with Timberline HDZ asphalt shingles as well as new chimney flashing. The ventilation system passed and did not require further upgrades. Freddy was able to coordinate the install with the preferred dates. The biggest challenge on this property was the dumpster, as there was no space to place the dumpster on the homeowner’s driveway. Freddy worked with the Arlington town hall and DPW to obtain street parking for the dumpster to ensure that the material was properly disposed of

The Conclusion:

The clients received a new beautiful GAF roofing system and were offered peace of mind. Both duplex owners were able to receive the instant benefits and protection of the GAF Golden Pledge warranty. The warranty was registered and paid for by the Golden Group roofing team. This is part of our roofing contract and included with each roofing system golden group installs. After completion, the permit was closed and finalized with the town hall. Did you know we only accept final payment when all these steps are completed? We believe a roofing system steps of work to be done shouldn’t just include the installation of the roof, but all the things that follow after the completion of the roofing system.

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