Golden Group Roofing Founder
Named Vice President of NERCA

When you think of a roofer, what do you picture in your mind’s eye? Most likely, you’re thinking of an older white man. But the face of roofing is changing. More women. Younger people. More ethnically diverse.

The focus on embracing these changes on an industry-wide level is getting a kick-start by naming Greta Barjami, Golden Group Roofing Founder, as the upcoming vice president of NERCA (North East Roofing Contractors Association).

The face of a changing roofing industry

Barjami, whose two-year term will start in 2027, represents the face of change—a woman taking a leadership role in an evolving industry.      

Barjami joined NERCA six years ago and rapidly rose through the ranks. Soon after becoming a member, she was asked to serve a two-year term on the Advisory Committee. Greta demonstrated her enthusiasm and leadership, next serving three years on the Board of Directors, the first woman to do so. Continuing her trajectory, she then became Treasurer on the Executive Committee, not just the first woman on the committee, but also the first under 40 years old. And now, she is the upcoming NERCA Vice President.

All along the way, Greta has pushed for change, bringing an organization that started in 1920 into the 21st century. 

Headshot of Greta Bajrami, CEO of Golden Group Roofing

NERCA (North East Roofing Contractors Association) represents roofers and roofing-related companies in seven states and is the northeast governing body for NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association).

For more than 100 years, NERCA has informed members of industry essentials, such as updates in building codes, regulations, OSHA compliance, certifications, practices, and other areas that impact commercial and residential roofers. NERCA also provides its members with a support system and a voice in addressing industry issues and policies.

NERCA isn’t just for roofers, either. The organization provides opportunities for all roofing trades to participate, with membership open to roofers, manufacturers, engineers, architects, and all those who touch the roofing industry.

Making contact at the NERCA convention & trade show

Golden Group Roofing team at the NERCA Conference 2023

Like so many trades, roofing is hands-on—but operates within a complex digital landscape. One of NERCA’s most valuable contributions to roofers in the region is its annual convention and trade show. In fact, Barjami’s connection to NERCA began when she attended her first NERCA trade show six years ago, describing the event as “Willie Wonka for Roofers.”

This event is the premier opportunity for roofers to talk to product representatives, ask direct questions, take pictures of themselves with industry leaders for Instagram, and take videos for social platforms. According to Barjami, one of the most positive aspects of the show is being able to interact with experts, rather than reading manuals or sitting in front of a screen.

Digital solutions loom large in all areas of the industry. It’s hard to keep up and get answers to your questions. The NERCA trade show is a unique opportunity for roofers to learn about the growing number of digital solutions for operations, project management, estimation, planning and design, and CRM (customer relationship management) by talking directly with the creators—all in one place.

NERCA gets a new identity

Barjami led the effort to modernize NERCA with a rebranding program. With a new contemporary identity, NERCA has gained traction on social media, a convenient way for roofers to get information, learn from their peers, get heard, and make contacts across the industry.

Barjami looks forward to creating a legacy of inclusivity, engagement, and excellence when she becomes NERCA vice president. She plans to do this by building an evolving NERCA for an evolving industry.

Goals for the association’s future

Creating a pathway for change takes leadership, dedication, and passion for the industry. Barjami has all three.


Greta with hammer - Greta becomes VP of NERCA.

 Among her top goals are:

  • Strengthening membership with a vision that embraces the industry’s growing diversity and provides everyone with a seat at the table  
  • Establishing a more inclusive board, giving an equal voice to a new generation of roofers from every culture
  • Planning and implementing the trade shows that create excitement and promote engagement for a new generation of roofers
  • Becoming a discussion platform that features a round-table discussion format
  • Improving the inclusivity of residential roofers rather than keeping a primary focus on commercial roofers
  • Expanding educational offerings–including webinars and training—to include topics such as marketing, branding, operations, and other business areas that manage and scale successful businesses for years to come


A golden future for Bajrami

Barjami is excited about taking on NERCA’s vice presidency. As the founder of Golden Group Roofing, NERCA has connected her with industry leaders and provided numerous learning and leadership opportunities.

Ultimately, this has helped her inspire the entire Golden Group Roofing team.

For roofing excellence inspired by NERCA’s commitment to excellence, contact us today.

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