Building Roofing Partnerships in Boston, Massachusetts

Once a quarter, Golden Group Roofing hosts an event that brings company employees together with vendor company representatives for a rare opportunity to share, announce, and connect with each other and build company partnerships.

Innovative get-togethers for our roofing experts and partners

Golden Group’s Spring 2023 Company Connect Night featured one of the nation’s leaders in roofing shingles, the GAF Company. Started in 1886 in Bound Brook NJ, GAF now boasts 34 manufacturing operations around the country with more than 3,700 employees.

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Uniting our roofing experts and company partnerships

CEO and Founder of Golden Group Roofing, Greta Bajrami Campoverde says, “GAF has a long and rich history of innovation. We appreciate their willingness to meet with our employees for the sharing of ideas. The connections we make are invaluable in fostering healthy working relationships.”

Golden Group Roofing - March 2023 blog post - Company Connect Night and company partnerships - teamGive and get in the current roofing industry climate

This month the Company Connect event featured concerns over higher interest rates, which impact the financing of roof replacements, repairs, and the installation of solar panels. Suggestions were discussed about how to add value while making roofing affordable. Also discussed was the topic of supply shortages and how they affect the entire supply chain from raw product availability to the delivery of a finished roof.

“The meeting was successful in my mind,” said Bajrami, “because it was a relaxed get-together where we could share information and concerns with those who were truly interested in what we had to say.  These events demonstrate to our employees that everyone has a voice. We watch our manufacturing reps take notes and we know from past experience that they pass along our comments and suggestions to upper management.”

Part of the bigger picture for roofing quality and company partnerships

Bajrami continued, “It is very important to us — as a company, as a philosophy – to let our employees know that we are listening. We want them to become inspired, to be motivated, and to realize that they can be innovative. We take their feedback seriously. We’ve brought their ideas to building inspectors, software engineers, and manufacturers on ways to make the roofing industry better. We want our young people to be vocal about improvements. They are not just employees of Golden Group Roofing. They ARE the roofing industry. We ARE the roofing industry.”

Golden Group Roofing - March 2023 blog post - Company Connect Night and company partnerships - GGR and GAF

An exciting announcement for our local roofing company

Our Company Connect events are also opportunities for Golden Group’s guests to express their views on what’s trending in the industry. GAF was excited to announce a new product in their line called, GAF Timberline Solar™, a solar system that protects and installs like a regular roof. It is sleek, has uniform lines, and no bulky solar panels. A roof with energy! It is the first “nailable” solar shingle, the future of solar energy.

A local event for our Boston area team and company partnerships

Part of Golden Group’s support for local companies, the first Company Connect event of 2023 was held in early March at Sterling Street Brewing. Sterling Street Brewery is a local artisan brewery in Clinton that features good food and entertainment. The evening began with a roundtable chat about how Golden Group Roofing began. It then evolved into relaxed discussions about the billion-dollar industry both companies work in. Afterward, the combined group, which included 23 individuals, enjoyed food and drink and laughed together during games of pool.

What’s next for our roofing company?

The next Company Connect event will be all about solar energy. In 2023, Golden Group Roofing launched its solar division and the June meeting will feature solar manufacturers and distributors who will be invited to talk about the latest technology, products, and Federal and MA tax credits available to homeowners for solar installations.

Golden Group Roofing - March 2023 blog post - Company Connect Night and company partnerships - GGR at Wild Hare Hudson MA

Bajrami said, “The whole world is talking about solar energy. Golden Group Roofing is the first roofer in New England that understands solar. We know that a roof is still the Number One defense for protection against storms. As roofers, our attention is on how to keep the roof and the home protected, as we install solar systems.”

Bajrami said, “One thing I know is that free food and drinks are a great investment in connecting people to the bigger picture. Some companies may have company partnerships with their manufacturers, but they keep them intimate and are only for the executives. We include all our employees. Conversations are open and our manufacturers hear what is actually going on ‘in the field.’ We want to share our vision and I understand and appreciate the value our Company Connect Nights bring to us.”

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