Exterior Renovation with Window Replacement is a Big Win for Homeowners

Exterior Renovation with Window replacement done by Golden Group Roofing. Benefits of window replacement concept.

Benefits of window replacement with your exterior renovation project You know the expression “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” Integrating window replacement into an exterior renovation is a perfect example. You could do each project separately, but you’ll get more in the long run by combining them into a single project. […]

12 Benefits of Window Replacement
this Spring or Summer

Modern home with new windows installed by Golden Group Roofing. Learn the 12 Benefits of Window Replacement by Golden Group Roofing.

12 Benefits of window replacement in spring 1. Greater energy-efficiency  New windows have features that make them more energy-efficient, cooling your home while lowering your summer utility bill. 2. Improved comfort New windows with improved insulation are designed to make indoor temperatures more consistent and minimize hot spots near the windows. 3. Enhanced ventilation  New […]