Exterior Lights for Entryways and Doors Trends in 2024

exterior lights and doors on home.

Choose form and function for your porch and entryway lights There are generally three placements of porch lights or doorway lighting: Sconces on the side of the door Porch lights that flank the door on either side  Pendant or overhead lighting in enclosed area In general, outdoor lighting on porches or around doorways should be […]

Why It’s Important to
Keep Your Condo’s Roof Updated

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Here are some big reasons why you need to keep up with your condo roof maintenance while maximizing your investment. Common condo roof issues First, let’s identify the most common roof issues plaguing condos in this area. Those include:     Leaks     Pooling water/standing water     Wear and tear due to weather […]

New Roofing Technology Updates in 2024

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1. Imaging tools  Advanced imaging tools, most notably drones, are making roofers’ jobs much easier and more accurate in recent roofing technology. Equipped with high-res cameras and thermal imaging sensors, drones can be used to perform thorough roof inspections both quickly and safely. Anything from leaks to damaged shingles to flashing problems can be detected […]