How much does a home exterior renovation cost?

exterior home renovation.

Understanding the costs of exterior home renovation The amount cof an exterior home renovation an vary greatly depending on several factors: the size of your home, the grade of the materials selected, and whether you are doing all or some of the work yourself.  A new roof Investing in a new roof will protect your […]

Transforming Your Home: Before and After in Chelmsford, MA

Golden Group Roofing exterior of roofing and siding in Chelmsford MA. Transforming your home in 2024 concept.

The client perspective  Before starting the transformation process, the first step for Mary and her husband was to do some online research on contractors in Chelmsford and surrounding areas. Golden Group Roofing caught their eye because of the high reviews they saw. That was the catalyst to call, where they were quickly connected with Freddy […]

Moisture Problems You May Face
with Hardie Siding

Golden Group Roofing exterior of home with hardie siding.

What causes moisture problems with Hardie siding? Here are 7 Reasons Why moisture problems with Hardie siding can occur during incorrect installation: 1. Insufficient preparation of the work area Often underestimated in its significance, the initial step of preparing the work area is pivotal in siding installation. This stage involves verifying the stability of the […]