Things to Consider when
Building a Green Home in MA

Side view of a green home in MA with solar panels.

Green architecture: steps to building an eco-conscious green home in MA Let’s start by defining green architecture. This is an eco-conscious approach to home design and building with a goal of reducing the strain put on the environment. From how homes are outfitted and how they function to the building materials and appliances contained within, […]

How Does Solar Power Affect the Environment?


Solar panels: A reliable renewable energy source Solar power and the environment go hand in hand. Not only do solar panels lower the negative effects to the environment caused by the burning of fossil fuels, they are a dependable source of renewable energy that can power just about any device or appliance. Solar panels can […]

Going Solar in MA: A Step-by-Step Guide

Roof Setup with solar panels

1. Do a little research on going solar in MA. How much electricity do you use each month? Review your electric bills and energy usage. What is your current price per kilowatt hour? Take stock of your roof. You’ll need to evaluate the condition of your roof. How old is it? Have you had repairs […]