The Advantages of Going Solar in Massachusetts

Golden Group Roofing employees installing solar in Massachusetts

We don’t need to remind you that in Massachusetts, we experience diverse weather conditions. We could be below freezing for three days in February and then enjoy 65-degree sunny weather the next week. Energy experts agree, however, that MA is an excellent state for solar systems. There are many advantages of going solar in Massachusetts. […]

Solar Power Incentives in Massachusetts

Golden Group Roofing crew working on installing solar power on a house.

 Massachusetts has one of the most robust incentive programs for installing solar power to your roof, including lower taxes, rebates, and net metering. The solar industry is constantly improving and changing … and the Massachusetts policies that incentivize solar power are always subject to change. New incentives may be initiated and others may be revised, […]

Are Solar Power Systems Worth the Investment?

workers holding solar power system to install

Solar power systems can be a valuable investment with benefits that extend beyond the resale value of your home. Not all homeowners will benefit from solar power, so you need to do some research to consider whether the upfront costs are worth it.   The Financial Calculations of Solar Power Systems To determine if it […]