Roof Ventilation Problems and How to Prevent Them

roof ventilation problems

How to prevent roof ventilation problems Your attic and roofing system do more than just keep the rain, wind, snow, and ice out of your home, they also work together to maintain proper ventilation and airflow. There’s a reason you see vents such as ridge vents, gable vents, and soffit vents in the roofing system. […]

Top 5 Roofing Shingle Options

House from above

So when it’s time for your next roof replacement, take a moment to consider your choices – which ones will have the longevity, look and design, and energy efficiency that you’re looking for? Here are the top 5 roofing shingle options for homeowners here in Massachusetts. 1. Classic asphalt shingles for high-quality curb appeal Asphalt […]

Leaky Roof Problems? 5 Quick Fixes to Tide You Over

Picture of a leak roof from inside

Here are five quick fixes for leaky roof problems you can do with some assistance: Cover the area of the roof where it is leaking. Use a tarp or polyethylene sheets as a temporary fix. When you determine from where the leaking is originating, go up onto the roof and cover the area. (Be sure […]