Need to finance a new roof? We’ve all been there – sometimes a new house project comes along but you don’t have all of the funds handy at the moment. Whether it’s preparing a home to put on the market, or repairing a newly purchased home before moving in, or simply as part of preventative maintenance to an older roof, sometimes homeowners may find themselves in need of financial assistance in order to get the project done. You may be wondering what to do if you can’t afford a new roof?

Thankfully, you have options. You don’t necessarily need to use traditional methods of paying with cash or taking out a home equity loan. There are plenty of other financing options to get you quickly on the road to a brand new roof.

Have questions? You’re not the only one. Read on for our guide to financing a new roof or get started on your financing application now.

Can you finance a new roof?

Yes! As part of our service to our customers, Golden Group Roofing offers seasonal promotions with multiple options to finance your roof. If you need a new roof before you have enough money to pay for it in full, no need to worry. We are always searching for new deals and offering specials, so check our roof financing page here.

What do I need to apply for roof financing?

Nothing! The application takes just 2 minutes and requires no documentation or uploading of documents on your end. Simply enter the cost estimate for your roofing services and the loan terms you prefer and get a financing decision in minutes. Start the application with Payzer today >

Does your roofing company offer payment plans, or do I have to go through a bank to finance a new roof?

Yes, at Golden Group Roofing, we have partnered with Payzer to make it very easy for homeowners to obtain unsecured loans without going through the hassle of going through a bank or applying for a home equity loan. With our roof financing options, you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment at the local branch during limited banking hours, or providing extensive documentation about your home. You can apply right from your couch any time you want, day or night.

Can you pay for a new roof in installments?

We understand that some homeowners can’t pay for it all up front, including the deposit. With our financing options, you can pay for the new roof simply with an easy installment payment plan. This includes the initial deposit. Our online financing application takes just a few minutes to fill out, and you’ll get an instant response.

What happens if I sell the home before the roof is paid off?

This is a common question, but it’s nothing to worry about. Fortunately, the financing through Golden Group Roofing is associated with the individual, not the property. Many homeowners do not want to pay for a new roof with a home equity loan because they would need to pay off the home equity loan first before the house could be sold. With Golden Group Roofing’s financing, there are no restrictions. There’s nothing stopping you from listing and selling your home, because the loan is associated with the individual, not the property.

How will I know what is the cost of a new roof?

Of course, when you are financing a large home project, you will want to get a good understanding of the total costs. We’ve got that too! No need to leave your home or make a lot of phone calls. Start here with our online roof cost calculator to figure out how much a new roof cost will cost for your home. Just enter some basic information (such as the size of the home) and view our selection of shingles, and you’ll get an estimate within minutes.

We know many that homeowners are wondering how to get financing for a new roof if they don’t have the budget for it. Whether it’s an aging roof or a pending home sale, sometimes situations arise that require a new roof regardless of your funds. At Golden Group Roofing, we believe that no one should have to delay getting a new roof when they need it. That’s why we provide a free financing tool to keep our customers happy and dry under their new roof. That’s the “Golden Group Difference,” where we strive to improve the roofing industry, starting right here in Worcester and Middlesex County of Massachusetts.

90% of homeowners replacing a roof today will ask the following question; How much does a new roof cost? Let’s take a moment to break it down.

Before we begin to break down the price and do the math, let's first realize that the roofing price is reflective of three major components.

  1. The material; what roof shingle manufacturer brand will you choose? In our expert opinion. We recommend GAF Roofing products and Certainteed Roofing products as these two manufacturers come out on top with consumer reports.
  2. The craftsmanship: Lets face it, this is the pot of gold in roofing. The company that has the best and the most skilled and certified workers will demand more for their time. This is indeed the most important key to roofing. After all, you are buying the installation of a new roof, not just roofing shingles. It is the hands on roof that will determine the quality of the roof and lifespan of the roof.  A GAF Certified contractor and a Certainteed Shingle Master will be able to provide you with enhanced roof warranties that offer protection for 50 years on product, and 25 years on workmanship.
  3. The warranty: the final nail of the roofing system. Here is what you need to know. First; what is the company warranty?, what is the manufacturer warranty>, and what is the labor warranty? Yes, there are 3 different warranties that you need to have the information for. Most companies will try and make these warranties appear as one and only advertise the highest number, but it is your job to filter out each one. To go a step further, most warranties that are promised to a homeowner are never registered or applied for. For peace of mind, do not release all payments, until your registered warranties have been applied and paid for.


The average roof replacement cost for a new roofing system with architectural shingles in Massachusetts today is between $4.50 per square foot to $6.50 per square foot.

In the middle of these questions, we’re also navigating internal debates about “...Well, how important is this new roof  to me?” Then, we start deciding on a budget that will accomplish the end goal. 

Given that a roof is a primitive need of humans, it essentially is the piece of the home that protects what matters most. Your family, your pets, that beautiful kitchen where you make unforgettable memories, it holds the living room space that you enjoy with a cup of coffee in hand and a couple of laughs with friends and family. The roof protects your sleep, that room where you get ready to start every week on Monday morning. All these important aspects of life are all cherished under one: Your Roof. 


The average roof replacement cost for a new roofing system with architectural shingles in Massachusetts today is between $4.50 per square foot to $6.50 per square foot.

How do we determine these numbers?

The roof cost starts to be evaluated by researching the company that is educating you on what components make up the roofing system

The roof cost is reflective of the company’s experience in the field and the training that their team has accomplished. The biggest mistakes in roofing occur in the installation process. Problems can almost always be attributed to human error, by installing products incorrectly. Experience and impeccable craftsmanship is something that is reflected in the roof cost. 


What can drive the price up? 

In city homes or more complex homes, the price for an asphalt roof replacement is $5.50 per square foot to $7.50 per square foot.

Roof Complexity

How complex is the roof of your home?  The roof cost is reflective of the level of complexity of the roof. If your home is complex, having several cuts, and turns, your due diligence is to protect your home and to qualify roofing contractors that are experienced to deal with complexity. 

Not all Products are created equal.

The cost of a roof also demonstrates the grade of shingles you are looking to install. There is a wide variety of shingle series you can choose from. In addition to the shingles, there are also other components that make up the roofing system to protect your home as best as possible when confronting the elements of nature: rain storms, heavy snow, hot and cold temperatures. Making sure that your contractor does not skip on all appropriate and mandated materials that make up the roofing system,  is vital. Many contractors will avoid adding certain products to cut and avoid costs. However, this can come at a high price when fixing the big problem that skipping steps caused. The roof cost also includes the coverage of all permits associated with the project. A permit fee must be paid to the city or town building department. Many contractors willingly avoid this process altogether because it’s an inconvenience, and it can be “costly.” However, in the event something goes wrong, the building permit is a document that protects the homeowner from faulty contractors. Make sure that the roof cost of the project covers the permit application by the contractor. 


Our favorite Roofing Products: 

GAF Roofing products shingle type: Timberline HDZ

Certainteed Roofing product shingle type: Landmark


The roof cost is important to evaluate, and really examine to make sure the cost covers all of the important aspects to protect your home and yourself. Make sure to study the properties of the company first. Although the roof price plays an important role in decision making, so does your protection and your trust in the company that will be touching your home's roof. What comes cheap, ends expensive !  


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