how to choose a reliable contractorHow to choose a reliable contractor when taking on a remodeling project for our home

A reliable contractor checks off all the boxes to make sure that your home looks great! And most importantly: Protected.


Choosing a reliable roofer, includes many categories:

First, the contractor must have their appropriate licenses up to date.
Make sure that their CSL license is active, this is a certification granted by the state certifying the contractor has completed the required training, and has accomplished all the educational requirements from the Massachusetts State Board of Building Regulations and Standards. All contractors, including roofing contractors, must be registered as a Home Improvement Contractor which allows them to apply for a building permit prior to the start of work.

Always read all contracts and inclusions.
When identifying a reliable roofer, it is of great importance to pay attention to what they are asking you to sign. Do not just sign the estimate you were given. You should be signing a legal contract that includes all the pertaining licenses, worker’s compensation, and general liability. Reliable roofers will also include in their contract a detailed outline of all the work to be completed, a list of the product names and manufacturers, any additional add ons, schedule of payments.

Watch out for add-on charges
Add-ons are a special place to pay detailed attention to. Oftentimes, unreliable contractors will charge for labor hours, which essentially means that they can take as long as they’d like to complete the job resulting in unforeseen costs. Make sure that all potential add on prices are clearly stated under the contract terms. A reliable roofer will always ask for your approval prior to any add ons throughout the project. Always approve any add ons, do not authorize and add ons without your approval. A reliable roofer will also include the company warranties, as well the manufacturer warranty. Make sure to assess what the contractor is asking you to sign, a reliable roofer always states any and all proper information in the contract that satisfies the building department and state guidelines.

Expect to pay a 33% deposit – no more than half the estimated project cost
In the state of Massachusetts it is illegal to ask for more than ⅓ payment prior to the work being finished. You should be asked to make a deposit greater than 30%. Upon completion of the job, the remainder of the contract price is due. However, before releasing full payment make sure that the contractor closes the building permit and registers your warranty with the manufacturer. Permits that stay open with the town hall can create issues in the sale and purchase of the home, in the event the house was to be sold. All manufacturer warranties must be registered with the manufacturer directly.

Ask about manufacturer certifications held by the roofing contractor
Reliable contractors and especially reliably roofers will always make sure that the installation of the products follow the manufacturer guidelines. Golden Group Roofing, for example, is a Master Elite contractor for GAF Roofing, the highest certification offered by the roofing manufacturer. Manufacture-enhanced warranties can be voided if products were not installed by the guidelines and specifications stated by the manufacturer. Reliable roofers always make sure to follow installation guidelines, install all the products from the same manufacturer, and inform the homeowner of such clauses. A very important aspect of a reliable contractor is to actually register the warranty with the manufacturer. Too often, homeowners are purchasing a warranty but such protection is not registered with the manufacturer. Before releasing any final payments, make sure that your warranty has been registered properly with the manufacturer.

Make sure to always make your choice of contractor as an informed consumer. Reliable roofers carry proper licenses, are properly trained, and follow the manufacturer specifications on every roof installation.

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