Should I install new skylights with my new roof?!

By April 3, 2017News
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At Golden Group, We always get asked this very questions; Should I install new skylights?!

Skylights can be expensive and homeowners always ask if they really need a new skylight with their new roof. Can’t they just leave in the existing skylight, it does not leak now?! Well the answer to that question is complex. If the skylight is younger than 7 years, then we would recommend new skylight flashing kit and not a new skylight. New flashing kit will ensure that the skylight gets reflashed properly when re roofing. Using existing flashings can compromise the work because the existing flashing may have nail holes. Also once it is removed and tampered with, it may never fit and mold perfectly to the skylight again.However, a skylight that is over 10 years old should always be replaced with a new roofing system. A skylight only has a warranty of 12 years and after that time is up, the area becomes a hazard and a water entry point. It would not make any sense to have a new 30 year roof investment with skylights that could leak after 2-3 years of your new roof. The costs to have the skylights replaced at a later time is also higher than what it would have cost to have them installed during your new roof installation. If a contractor has to come back, they will factor in the skylights, and the labor and material to reinstall new shingles in that area.

Lastly, if your contractor has told you not to get new skylights, and that you are good with the old ones… Well, this is probably a red flag! Any good roofing contractor would address all aspect of the roof, not just the shingles. Their goal should be to make sure they install a roofing system, not just shingles. What this means; the roofing contractor should be replacing and installing all new parts on roof such as; skylights, pipe boot flashings, step flashings, bathroom vents, roof vents, chimney lead flashing and other components depending on your roof.

Next Time you replace your roof, think about your skylights and take not only our word but also that of Velux Skylight Company;